New to the Fourm. Looking for some guidance with Euromap 73.

Hello all,

I'm looking for some insight on a project that I've been assigned. I'm currently replacing our hydraulic IMM machines with electric ones. I have a variety of pick & place and 6 axis robots depending on the process. Through the years there have been many flavors of Euromap used.

My project involves a Roboshot IMM with coupled Euromap 73 standard. The associated Pick and Place (Proprietary build) is Euromap 12. You may see where I’m going with this…. I need make the 12 work with the 73.

When I look at the 73 interface, I’m not finding some of the pin out assignments that I’m looking for. For instance, Mold Open, Mold closed, and Ejectors back, etc. I do see all the Estop and safety pin outs.

My question is 12 to 73 possible and if so, will I be self assigning pin outs using the "Spare- Not Fixed" portion of the plug?

Thanks in Advance,


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