Does any of you ever succeeded in use of IRVISION for welding purpose of steel like CONEX boxes or beams used for structures or any other sort of sensor technology?

I am using my robot M710/20L having R30iC controller  and its parts I am trying to attempt for welding are storm shelters which are of measurements 8' x 12' x 6'2" along with walls and roofs being corrugated through a 250 ton press. I don't have an IRVISION currently for touch offsets. I am here on this forum to get answer to my questions mentioned as follows.

  • Is IRVISION going to work for such type of welding applications?
  • Do I need to have an IRVISION Camera for the purpose as well?
  • Do IRVISION has capability of the scanning a seam?
  • Is FANUC making scanning tools for scanning of such seams like laser scanning etc?
  • Am I suppose to use some sort of digitizing mechanism for plotting the path for CAD file and then send it through WeldPro?

Waiting to get some good quality feedback. Thank you

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